Monday, March 5, 2012

Riddle me this . . . .

                  What do . . . 
three book bags   
                                  Food Network                                        
a huge water cooler
two cell phones
peanut M&M's
            matchbox cars            
True North snacks
sleep deprivation
 and one plastic card all have in common?

      If you said 1600 miles, you're correct!!  Though the more common answer of, "road trip" is also perfectly acceptable.  
  Some of us have been away on holiday (sort-of).  Back in February, The Soldier called one Sunday morning to say, "Hey guys!  I'm back in the States on leave".  "February" and "leave" had been used in the same sentences on previous occasions, but getting home for a break while on overseas deployment isn't as easy as planning  a weekend get-away.  There is no relaxed "Honey, I think we need a vacation - second weekend in September sound good to you?" in the Army.  He didn't get told when he was taking leave until the night before he was supposed to fly out.  
  One week and one day after he called, mum, Sharpi, and I piled into the van, pulled out of the driveway and started South.  Chickadee stayed home to keep house for dad.  Eighteen days later, we pulled back into the driveway and started catching up on hugs.  It was a good eighteen days, but it was also a really long eighteen days. 

      Its our first Monday back and we're settling back into the familiar.  Catching up on all our travel laundry is in the works; bread is baking; suitcases are almost all put away; and there is a geranium about to blossom next to my studio window.  Ahhh . . . . home.  It is very good to be back.

Irish Rose