Friday, November 23, 2012

Today's NaNo . . . in Smilies

Chores done, business taken care of -  time to write!

Here we begin, and it seems like it is going well. 

But of course, there is always Writer's Block to contend with.

Banging one's head against the keyboard doesn't work.  As "smart" as technology is, it has yet to progress to absorbing by osmosis.  (Probably a good thing.)  So we progress to frusteration.

I'm sure I looked that grumpy.  But it didn't help.  Could someone please intervene before we end up here??

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nano would be so much easier if . . . . .

We all had retained the ability to spew forth such magnificent flowery phrases and explanations such as these -
If you don't laugh at any point in this . . . . . I can't even imagine that:)

P.S. Mommies with small children, there is some imitative behavior, so you might want to check it out first.