Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is It Really June? . . . .Nope, it isn't . . . .

It was with some shock that I slowed down a couple days ago just long enough to realize it is June. . . . as in, six months into the year. . . . half a year? Already?
And here I promised we were going to try be more regular about posting, and our last entry was . . . . a month ago . . . . I do believe I'll have to remedy the situation by making no such promises. I could say we'd get back on schedule and be posting every week, but with our various schedules, and how busy we've been lately it is better not to promise anything and just surprise you now and again with a new post. (You don't mind having just one new post every three years, right?:) 

While house sitting was certainly an experience Chickadee and I are extremely happy to be home...

And. . . . yes, that was the extent of me starting a post practically a month ago (or . . . one and a half). Obviously it is no longer June!
So - since it has been so long I thought this would be a catch up post. Hopefully I will get it finished and posted before I have to change it again and say it is August:)

During Irish Rose's extended time away our cat gave birth to four darling kittens. Though we didn't end up actually naming them after the Three Musketeers I thought it was incredibly amusing that they fit the theme - Three similar tiger stripes, and one fuzzy black kitten.
 They were about a week when this picture was taken (I think, I thought they were two weeks old for the longest time:) 

May came and I was kept busy with a new job - I am still busy, in fact, and now have an even more incredible appreciation for all the work my dad has done, and still does, to keep us fed and clothed and all the other special things he does for us.

While it gets kind of long sometimes I do love my job.
Some of the things I like about it:
  1. It is outside, I love being outside!
  2. Making new friends!
  3. Practically being paid to get a tan! (Shh, don't tell my boss or she might start charging her workers for tanning . . . come to think of it, she's already threatened to do that:)
  4. Working out? Check - pulling weeds, hauling water, etc. has does wonders to keep me fit.
  5. Listening to music while I work. (My boss learned just how weird I really am when I went dancing down the potato row one day:)
6. Getting to see this little guy every morning.
7. And the income . . .I can't not mention the income!

  That is pretty much my summer in a nutshell. Incredibly busy, tanner than I've ever been (loving that fact:), and am getting closer to that goal of a much needed new computer.
Having meant for this post to be longer I realized what today was and decided it better be posted and the rest saved for later.  Hopefully sooner than later - but by now I know better than to promise another post within a certain time period:)