Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book update and lost content

      If you've been on the Book Update page, you may have noticed that there are a few posts missing.  It would seem that today is my first experience with missing blog content.  I logged in, pulled up the page to do a proper update, hit the save button "just in case" . . . . and promptly lost all updates from the past two weeks.  I hope the incident isn't prophetic.  As far as editing the book goes, I'm having some trouble - and loosing any of that content would not help.

  If you think about it in the next week, I would really appreciate your prayer.  Seems like a silly thing - to ask for prayer for an editing process - but I'm asking anyway.  I've reached the point where I remember I can't do this by myself.  This particular edit has been very difficult from the get-go.  The first three quarters of the manuscript wasn't difficult to work with; it was more a matter of making the time and just doing the gritty details of adding some polish to it.  But I'm getting to that last quarter - where decisions about content and re-writes get a bit harder.  It's a fairy tale, and I thought that it would be infinitely easier to write 'fairy-tale' as opposed to 'real life'.  Mmmm . . . . not so much.  Even though it is a fairy tale it deals with issues that are very close to my heart; some of the story line similar to bits of my own history, so some of the chapters get a bit uncomfortable.  (How's that for vague? :)  I know I have one major re-write coming and the closer I get the more I really don't want to . . .  because it is going to hurt my heart a lot.
  I wanted to post about music camp this week, and the fun we had and some of the random bits I observed about life.  That will have to wait.  Instead, I'm asking for your help.  This book - which frustratingly remains untitled - was never really mine to begin with.  I am convinced it is a story that, for one reason or another, God gave me to tell.  And if that is true, it would make sense that the closer to completion we get the harder everything will become.  Please pray God would give me the right words as I edit and re-write - I slogged through all of six pages between Monday and Tuesday and I'm all out: pray for direction as I finish and my family goes through the re-evaluation process again - I really did think the fourth edit would be the last: pray protection for us.  And pray for my dad as he chooses a publisher.  This whole process - from the first "once upon a time" version, to the current difficult labor of polishing, to whether or not it ever goes to print - has never really been about us.  We all want so much for this book to bring honor and glory to our Savior, but it is only by His strength that will happen.  And that little detail is easy to forget.  So if you'd pray with me, that I would remember to rest in His strength during these last 60 pages or so, I'd be very grateful.


  1. I'll be praying that everything goes well,& that God will give you strength & direction.
    Hope you have a blessed week!
    Rachel M.

  2. Thank you Rachel! One of the reasons I want to finish this is because I know y'all have been waiting a long time to hear the story. :)
    Irish Rose