Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Good Writing Buddy

      When my friend MJ called me this last weekend to set departure times and sort out the last minute details out before we came to music camp, I had one all important question for her: "Do you mind if I bring my writing buddy?"
  "What's a writing buddy?" she asked.
It's true that, depending on the situation, writing buddies can take many shapes and forms.  In my case, this is my writing buddy.
Meet Macbeth.  I didn't find any caterpillars on our treasure hunt, so Sharpi and Chickadee shared their wealth.  I assured MJ that he was a very well behaved caterpillar and would be contained in his jar; Sharpi warned her that he has been known to break out in odd bits of Wagner now and again, but MJ laughed and said he was welcome anyway.  (If he really did sing Wagner, I doubt I would have brought him.  In my world Wagner is not conducive to writing.)
Macbeth handled the trip to camp very well and was warmly welcomed by all the ladies in our house - even though we're all pink and don't usually enjoy the company of insect-like-creatures.  And despite the fact that I still really need his opinions on word exchanges and his expertise on all things thesaurus, he decided to have some "quiet time" and shed his skin this afternoon.  (I guess I bugged him a little too much.)
So this is Macbeth now.
He's a little harder to see because he cocooned on the lid . . . . I'll try get a picture later of the pretty gold dots on the end of his cocoon and the cool ring around the top.  But for now, I should take a cue from my writing buddy and curl up in my own cocoon.
Turns out music camp is the perfect place for a writer to do hard-core editing.  Someone is always always practicing something, so there is usually lovely music wafting through our open windows.  (And people wonder why I use a mute when I practice.:)  Ahh . . . . loveliness.  :)

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