Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Mid-Month Meltdown

    Hello All,
    How are you doing this month. Good?  That's nice.
    I thought I would share how our diet experiment is coming along. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Well. . . . . . . .let me see if I can express it in written word. . .
    To be absolutely truthful . . . we are beginning to show signs of various stages of meltdown.  First example being that we went out to supper yesterday night for hamburgers and fries - minus the bun. - Which is an interesting predicament in and of itself - supper was delicious, but it was hard to resist the warm, fragrant buns. (A few of us went so far as to sniff them and whimper while others mimed cramming a bite in their mouths.)
The hardest part came when we got home and I had to feed the rejected buns to our loyal dogs and cats.  There I was, in possession of crusty, golden brown toasted hamburger buns that smelled absolutely AMAZING, and they were being scarfed down by pets.

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    Periodically throughout the week everyone has begun listing off all the foods they would really like to eat. So far bread and oreo blizzards have topped the lists.  (Anybody willing to guess what our first meal next month is going to be?:)
    My personal hardship this week has been my ever increasing craving for that rich, smooth, creamy sustenance known and loved all around the world - in another word, chocolate!
Just so you know how extreme this craving has been take a gander at what I attempted to dull the craving with -

  Did you see it? Look closely and notice the words. . . . . . 
Yep, I really did. I was so desperate I tried a mere bit of unsweetened baking chocolate.  If you've ever tasted unsweetened baking chocolate you will know why I will not be doing that again and why it didn't satisfy my craving.   *Sigh* I wonder what I'll be adding to my craving list next week.


  1. As I read this, I have the delicious lingering taste of deep fried oofda tacos in my mouth. :) I can't imagine your pain! BM

  2. Not fair Mr. BM!!! We will probably all get sick the first day back on REAL food just from the shock! :)