Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh dear . . . . . . . .

I think we may have created a monster - or, for that matter, several.
Because - well, I'm stalking. . . . .my own blog. . . . . . . . and it's only the second day - technically still the first 24 hours.
   I keep logging on to see if there is anything new (there are three authors after all) and I have developed a strange fascination with the Stats page.   And then, when I see something new I have to tell Irish Rose and Chickadee, and then they have to log on and check it out!
   So if you ever have any questions go ahead and ask, there will probably be one of us lurking somewhere. :)


  1. Its taking over our life!!!!
    Oh wait . . . . it can't if I don't let it. I suppose eventually the novelty will wear off, but isn't this fun?! :)
    Irish Rose

  2. I love our little (giggle) communications :)