Monday, August 1, 2011

Thought You Ought to Know

Today being the official start of our blog I thought I had better clue you into a few things so that if you check in one day and think you accidentally got on the wrong blog, don't worry, you probably didn't.

    First - since I have a short attention span I get tired of things pretty quickly - the background might change a lot.   But that is pretty normal for some blogs . . . . . right?

   Second - Due to the fact that I am female and I occasionally suffer from mood swings our profile pictures may change periodically also (and Irish Rose and Chickadee might not know either until they see it) . . . . . . . as well as our names. (Just because we have to keep up your interest by messing with your mind.)  :)

   Third - Some of our posts might be rather, well, interesting, to say the least, in that they will be so out of context or odd that they make no sense.  In which case they were probably written at 11 o'clock at night and seemed hilarious at the time.  If this ever happens just smile and nod.

   We would also like to extend a big Welcome to all who discover our blog, be it because you know us, found us through blogs you follow, or came upon us accidentally while blog surfing.  We hope you will enjoy our blog and that it will offer some encouragement, a smile or two, or maybe just something interesting as you follow us on our wacky and sometimes odd ideas.  :)


  1. This may not work - selecting a "profile" may involve cyber-savvy I don't have!

  2. Oh but it did work - yay!! :)
    Irish Rose