Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gluten Free Update

    With August well behind us and September more than half over, who would have thought there would have been a gluten free update?  Umm . . . me, I guess.  :)
      When the original 31 day trial period was up, I decided to stick with the gluten free project for a little longer - slightly modified - out of curiosity.  I didn't notice a definable change in how I felt when I wasn't eating gluten and refined sugar, but I didn't think a month was going to affect some of the health glitches I'm hoping will clear up.  Most of my family said they didn't notice a big difference - so I think it is pretty safe to assume that none of us has Celiac Disease.  But . . . .
      I was pretty surprised when I noticed a definable difference when I added sugar back into my diet at the beginning of this month.  Not in large amounts, mind, and not every day.  Part of my modified eating rules allowed refined sugar in stuff - like home-made jam, home canned fruit and sauces.  That sort of thing.  The day we had brownies and ice-cream for breakfast (giggle!) I noticed that I didn't feel great, but I wrote it off as probably due to some of the other ingredients that are used in commercial ice-cream.  It took a while to notice that there was a definite pattern to when I feel a bit off.
     Since the brownie/ice cream breakfast, we've been on holiday and had a harvest pot-luck at church.  And every time I eat any amount of refined sugar I end up feeling like I'm starting to fight a cold.  This does not bode well . . . I'm willing to limit sugar, but I haven't quite reached the point that I am ready and willing to give up things like brownies, home-made jam, home-made ice-cream and really good cookies!
      The few times I've had something containing wheat I haven't noticed a huge difference, though I think it does contribute to the head-cold symptoms.  I'm still learning.  :)  I've started a list of my favorite resources, which I'll be posting as soon as I finish sorted it out.  There is so much information . . . . I'm not quite so overwhelmed as I was at the beginning of August, and I'm starting to understand a little more how this business of eating gluten-free works.  Funny thing is I can't quite decide if that is a good thing or not. 

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