Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cool Nails!

Hi everyone
      Monday I decided to put on the nails Mom gave me for my birthday, they're the stick-on kind so there's no nail polish involved (unless you want to put a topcoat on).  Which is nice for me because when I paint my nails my fingers feel cakey and not nice.  So I only paint them a french manicure, and only on special occasions mostly.
      The Stick-On's are leopard print and before I wouldn't have thought about that for my nails, but I do like it!  It's one of those things where it looks cool in the package but your not sure if you would like it on yourself.

      They aren't perfect but it's my first time so I can't expect them to be.  Although I do have that habit, that when something doesn't turn right I get disappointed/frustrated and not want to try again.  But I shouldn't because it takes practice at something to get better.  So I'll be giving the nails another try. :)

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