Friday, October 7, 2011

Freedom Isn't Free

      There are quite a few people that have written moving essays on how freedom isn't really free; how it is dearly bought by the pain and sacrifices of the soldiers serving on the front-lines.  Some even bring to light the fact that the families of our soldiers are part of the purchase of freedom as they hold down the home-front.

      This is not such an essay.  We wish it was, but we're a little too close to the subject to wax eloquent.  Instead, it is a plea for prayer - not on our behalf, but for our soldier and his family.

      On Wednesday our brother, The Soldier, deployed to Afghanistan.  Officially he has been told that this deployment will last nine months; he warned us it would be better to plan for a year because the army has a way of changing things last minute.  We were able to Skype with him and his family a couple times over the weekend.  Tuesday evening they called and we were able to pray for him as a family.
      We are so proud of him, and so grateful that he has chosen to defend the freedom this country has begun to take for granted.  We know that God is just as capable of watching out for The Soldier whether he is in Afghanistan or our back yard; we know He is going to be watching out for our sister-in-love just as much now that her husband is absent as when he was home.  But we also readily admit that this absence is going to make the next year a bit difficult.  And as much as we already miss him, his wife and children are going to miss him more.
      So when you think about us, would you also spare a minute to pray for The Soldier, Sorelle, and their three little boys?


  1. Praying for a quick end to the "war"., and that God will prove to be all they and you need at this time. Bowing the knee to the Father. Blessings, Bruce

  2. Thank you. We all are so grateful.