Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lemon Sugar Scrub

As the weather turns colder and the humidity in the air drops a persons skin tends to begin to dry.
One of my absolute favorite pampering procedures is a Lemon-Sugar hand scrub.  Not only does it feel really nice, it sloughs away the dead, dry skin and leaves your hands smooth and soft.
   The best part?  You only need two things, both of which you probably already have hanging around in your kitchen or pantry.

1. Lemon Juice
2. White Sugar

First - begin with a palm full of sugar.
  I specified white sugar because it is finer and tends to works better than, say, organic cane sugar, which tends to be a bit too coarse for a hand scrub.
 (Although I have used it before and it does work, it isn't as gentle and I personally don't like it as well.)

Dribble lemon juice until sugar is just pasty.

This is a little bit too much lemon juice - you want it thick and pasty instead of runny.

 Then you gently scrub. . . . .

And scrub . . . . . 

And scrub! 
Make sure to concentrate a little bit extra on the spots that are really dry, and make sure to get in between your fingers.  It feels really, really nice so you can stand there and scrub away.

 Then you rinse. . . . .

 And rinse . . . . . .

 And rinse!
You want to make sure you get it all off, because it has happened more than once that I have discovered a sticky spot somewhere after doing a scrub.
You may have noticed in a couple of the pictures that my hand was splotchy red in a few places - this will happen because of the exfoliation and stimulation your skin is getting.  If it feel irritated you might be rubbing a bit too hard.
There you are! It is simple, quick, and feels wonderful! 
If you feel like it you can extend the pampering even further and follow up with scented lotion, and/or a manicure! 

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