Monday, November 7, 2011

SCORE! - An Unexpected Surprise

   I am beginning to suspect that, perhaps, somewhere deep inside me there is an accessory fashionista just waiting to be released.  My reasons for this? Because in the past, oh, two years or so I've become extremely interested in searching out and putting together cute outfits. Lately it has been going beyond the outfit itself and trying to figure out what I could put with it to make it even cuter.
   We went on an All Girl shopping day last week. There were a few things we had to do, but most of it was the For Fun type of shopping where we ohh and ahh over cute clothes; try on shoes and boots that are alternately cute and so nasty they just have to be tried on, and lugging piles of clothing into dressing rooms with the sole purpose being simply that we "Want to try it on, just because" and not because we are actually seriously thinking about purchasing said item. (Then again we have discovered a few styles that really work well on us because we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried something we normally wouldn't gravitate toward.)
    A few hours into shopping we stopped at Kohls - I really like the store, but if I'm looking for clothing it seems to be somewhat hit and miss, there will be times I find things I like and times that I don't.  This particular visit I walked in without my purse because I was not looking for anything specific, and I wasn't really looking to buy anything.
   We wandered the bedding, kitchen, and shoe sections before gradually making our way to the front.  To get there we have to go past the accessory section, and the way I shop I tend to weave my way through all the different parts instead of sticking on the plain, clear pathway.  So we weave into the accessory section because mom is looking for a new, cute yet functional wallet.  My mother has a reputation for purse shopping - she is constantly on the search for The Perfect Purse - I can't seem to join her in her fascination, (in fact, this is pretty much the face I make when she heads for the bags again;rolleye0001 Free Emoticons   Rolling Eyes)  I mean, really, a purse is just a lined sack with a strap; something you lug around with you that happens to hold your keys, wallet, tissues, spare keys, cellphone, lotion, loose change, touch-up makeup, and the kitchen sink. So if it preforms the necessary functions of retaining all that without dumping it out at inopportune times, then what does it matter if it's pink, green, hobo styled, or beach bag?  I'm will say, though, that I'm happy mom loves to look at bags and doesn't give up her search for her Perfect Purse. . . . . . . it's kind of like my search for the the Perfect Pair of Boots! happy0043 Free Emoticons   Happy
   So here we are, browsing about the accessory aisle, and I happen to be vaguely looking around at the variety of purses.  A few months ago I decided that my current purse had become just a bit too small for the extra things I kept finding myself trying to stuff in there. To be fair I've had that one little brown purse for years - it being the one and only that I've purchase up to date. Yet it is only big enough for my wallet, checkbook, chapstick, and perhaps a little notebook and pen - even then I've got to squeeze and twist my hand to get it in there to grab what I want. (Clearly, not nearly enough room for the kitchen sink.)
I see a relatively cute looking white hobo bag that is interesting enough to warrant a second look. Meh, it is kind of nice, but not much bigger than the one I have, and not exactly cute enough, even with the 7.50 price tag.  I pick it up anyway, (one of those pick-up-and-walk-around-with-it-until-I-decide-not-to-buy-it type of things), and turn a corner where I see IT. . . . . . a pretty little tan and chocolate brown bag.
  "Ohhhh!" All three of my family members instantly react to my excited squeal with questions of "What did you find?" and "That is really cute!"
   Needless to say I put the little white hobo back and executed little dance of excitement at finally finding a cute, but functional bag! On the clearance rack no less!happy0064 Free Emoticons   Happy 
Finishing our perusal of the accessory section we headed for the check out.  .  .  .  .  yes, remember when I said I walked into Kohls? . . . . .without my purse? . . . . . . . this has happened enough that I knew I could probably ask one of my loving family members to lend me the money until we got back to the car - and then I remembered I had stuck a few bills into my skirt pocket! 
Pleased as I was with the bag I was even more pleased, and surprised, when the cashier rang up the purchase.   Check out the list below for the whopping total I ended up paying.

 Retail Price: $35
Clearance Price: $10.50
Purchase Price: $3.50 

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Woo Hoo

I LOVE finding savings like that, and I LOVE my new bag!!!!!!
(Oh no. . . . .I feel something coming on. . . . .I'm picking out all the outfits my new bag will match. . . . . . . eeck!!!! I better stop before I admit something I'm not willing to own up to!)

So, even if you aren't really, seriously looking for something, check out the clearance sections. You can find some really good deals for you, or gifts for others at really, really good prices!

    P.S. I realize even my new bag still doesn't have enough room for the kitchen sink, but I don't mind, it is a very, very small step closer. (You've gotta work your way up to heavy things like that. . . . )

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  1. :O Wahoo!!!! She will become a purse person soon enough!