Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Preparations

The house is decorated, the Nativity is in place on top of the piano, the tree has yet to be gotten, shopping has been mostly done, music has been pulled out and played over, and over, and over:) We watched our first Christmas movie. . . well, second I guess if you count the musical we watched about a week or so ago.
  In our home one of our yearly traditions is watching It's A Wonderful Life and Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol.  Despite the fact that we watch them just once a year, we can pretty much spout them in their entirety:)

We would like to hear from you; what are some of the Christmas traditions you hold?

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  1. We read special Christmas books,such as The Christmas of Jonathan Toomey,The story of the candy-cane,and others. We also make bake lots of special holiday goodies,like Suprise cookies, shortbread, and many many others:) We also read the Christmas story before we open presents on Christmas Day. Elizabeth