Friday, December 2, 2011

Yep, It's October. . . . .November. . . . December!!!

Ever have the feeling that the days are just slipping by? I can not believe it is already December!
   The Christmas music has been pulled out, the decorations are not long in coming (I'll probably try get them up this week:), we've already watched a Christmas movie, and the snow. . . . . . oh yea, well, the snow has yet to come.  I was so sad when we lost our beautiful blanket of snow a week ago, now everything is dry and brown, and though it doesn't look too bad out it has been so windy that it sounds absolutely frigid.  (This exclusive, up-to-date weather report brought directly to you by yours truly. . . . )

   Anyway, I knew we hadn't posted in the last week and wanted to drop a little post to say; We are still here, moving around a little less than usual because we can't take our nice, warm, cozy stove with us when we step out of our living room, but busy nonetheless.

    So, to start off December and the posts to follow we would like to hear from all you lovely readers:  What are your plans for this Christmas?  Staying home? Traveling? Spending it with family or friends?


  1. That is exactly how I feel...time slips by WAY to fast!!!
    My plans for Christmas are:Christmas baking,caroling,decorating,ect.
    I sure hope we get some snow soon...then it will seem like winter.
    Rachel M.

  2. We are going to have a big get together with almost all the family. Elizabeth M.

  3. I'm going to Taipei for a christmas party a week or so before christmas; Then our team will probably have our own little party christmas day. ( without my fam ): (Don't feel 2 bad bout not having snow, cuz I don't have any either ;)

  4. Isn't no snow kind of normal for Taiwan? :) Hang in there - Christmas away from home can be . . . mmm . . . we'll go with different. But God is there just as much as He is here, which always makes me feel better. Sort of.
    Just so you know - we miss you, too.