Friday, January 27, 2012

Sketch #22 and #24

January is almost gone, and with it the first month of my sketching challenge. 
While I have not resorted to using my Prompt Jar yet, I did take a suggestion from a comment here on the blog.

This is Sketch #22
It does look a bit different in real life (because I can't quite figure out how to photograph drawings to the best advantage yet:). I used a #2 pencil for this sketch, as well as a blending stump to smooth all of my different shades together.
Thanks for the suggestion E. I don't do still life very often, so this was a good exercise for me:)

This is Sketch #24
Once again pencil and blending stump. (Pencil is my favorite medium so far, and I am addicted to the blending stump! I get such a kick out of running it over the paper and seeing all the harsh lines melt into one another.)
Originally this was to be of a person descending a flight of stairs, but I scratched that idea and decided to work on just the stairs instead.

Next time I might post one of my pen sketches or a graphic design (that will actually have some color:)

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