Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Adventurer

There once lived a little ducky with her parent's and two sister duckies.  Now it happened that this certain ducky went on a certain adventure.  She dressed thinking she needed to be three things: loving, patient but

Thus her attire:

So off went this this little adventuring ducky out into the world.  She hopped on a flying albatross (for her little wings couldn't get her as far as she wanted to go) and she was there in no time.

Back home her sister duckies at first had a fun time, staying up late and having treats :)
But as time went on they started to miss their other third.
And as she got into her adventure the little ducky also started to miss her sisters.
But fear not for this adventure will not last forever and soon this little ducky will be back with her family.

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