Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Mystery

 Update: Due to us putting this giveaway up during a holiday, and realizing how busy people have been, we will be extending this giveaway for another week to give all those busy people a chance to enter.
We're really enjoying hearing little bits of your Christmas and hope to hear some more :)

Our Christmas Mystery involved the combination of an odd green . . . and a chicken . . . . . needless to say we decided that your Christmas Mystery would be something far nicer.

  The time has come to cast your entries!
For a pretty Christmas Surprise!

Entries involve nothing more than telling us a little tidbit about 
your Christmas this year. 
Going along with the odd theme of our Christmas Mystery,
we would like your entries to involve something that was,
perhaps, not quite the norm, but rather amusing that happened this Christmas.
(If nothing odd turned up you can still enter by telling us anything about your Christmas:)

Would you like an Extra Entry to boost your chances of winning? Simply refer someone to our blog and then leave us a comment telling us you did so.
(We ask that you please not refer someone that already follows/reads our blog)
Entries will be accepted through January 2nd.
Have fun!


  1. We all slept in...something that we never do Christmas morning:)

  2. I really can't think of anything funny that happened...but we did have a wonderful day together, and it was so special to have almost everyone together for Christmas! One of the highlights on Christmas day was reading the Christmas story and singing a few songs together.(sorry I didn't have anything unusual...)
    Rachel M.

  3. After one of my sisters read our nephews the Christmas story Daniel was looking at the presents and wanted to Know if he was getting some Frankinsense in one of them! I thought that was really cute. I had a wonderful Chrtstmas and enjoyed having my sister and her family stay with us. Miriam K.

  4. We had almost all of our family get togethers before Christmas, and so by the 20th, I felt like Christmas was all over. It made me remember that Christmas isn't something we should do just once a year, we should always be thankful for Jesus coming to earth.
    Priscilla K.