Monday, December 3, 2012

A Grand Fall Adventure - Part 1

 Sharpi:   This adventure actually started earlier in the year when we received and invitation to the wedding of a good friend. As soon as we got the invitation I knew I wanted to go. Really, really, really badly! 
After talking about it off and on through the summer I was so excited when my dad said that it would be fine if we wanted to go.
Irish Rose:  We talked - briefly - about driving.  But we weren't sure we wanted to deal with the traffic that went with three particular states between Here and There.  We didn't really talk about flying because, lets face it, while a flight would be faster, it is also more expensive.  So we got as far as wanting to go and being given permission . . . and then we had to wait to see how it would all work out. 
Sharpi: Not being able to recall all the things that happened after that I can't explain exactly how it all came to be, but in the end the bride's family, who are good friends of ours, offered to let us ride with them if we would help out with preparing for the wedding and helping out in the kitchen so the family wouldn't have to worry about anything the day of the wedding. 
A few things occurred after that ended up having plans altered a little bit. Because of everything they had to pack and transport there wasn't going to be any room for me or Irish Rose on the trip down. However, if we could get there, there would be room on the way back.
Irish Rose:  We both were pretty excited when we figured out that this adventure was going to work after all.  

Sharpi: Thus, plane tickets were checked out and kept an eye on for a couple weeks until dates were firmed up, whereupon they were purchased and I began to go into fits of excitement!
Irish Rose: No really, she did!  We all love adventures, but Sharpie is the one who will pack weeks in advance if allowed.  :)

Sharpi: Being that space was going to be limited in the vehicles on the way home, we had to fit all of our clothing, and various bits and pieces, into standard sized backpacks . . . . . . yea, we had quite the tizzy of discussion about that:)
Irish Rose:  We both tend to be minimalists when it comes to packing, but honestly . . . clothing for ten days including a wedding crammed into a small bag seemed extreme even to us.  Packing alone was an adventure in and of itself.  :)  And I now feel like I have earned life-long bragging rights in the Packing For An Adventure department.
Sharpi: Would you like to know what all we managed to fit into them? It was a good exercise, actually, and really, really interesting to compare what each of us had managed to stuff into each of our backpacks!

 Total Number of Baggage: 2 Standard Size Backpacks, 1 Camera Case, 1 Purse
(basically, one carry-on and one personal item)

Front Pockets: Lipgloss, 2 bottles nail polish; Chapstick; Q-tips.
Front Compartment: 1 journal; 1 sketchbook; Hairbrush; Toothbrush; Assorted pencils; Makeup Bag
Main Compartment: (This is where it gets fun:)
2 skirts
1 pair socks
2 Long sleeve shirts
6 Short sleeve tops
1 Curling iron
1 Shrug
1 Good Top
1 Pair Pajamas
Several other small items
1 Hoodie (those things are bulky!)
2 pairs shoes

Irish Rose:
 Front Pockets: Bible, Journal; Gloves; Q-tips; Phone Charger; Splitter; Headphones; Silk Scarf
Main Compartment:
1 pair shoes
2 Skirts
1 Pair Pajamas
1 Hoodie
Makeup Bag
Bathroom/Medical Pouch
4 Short Sleeve Tops
4 Long sleeve tops
2 Tank tops
Misc. (what is misc????  Oh.  Right.  Unmentionables)

Challenging as it was it was it kind of turned into a competition to see who could stuff more things in!
From those items we were able to mix and match to create a lot of different outfits.

IrishRose: And just in case you hadn't notice . . . Sharpi is definately a better packer than me.  I think she must have a magic wand hidden somewhere.  :)

   Sharpi: Our flight . . . .yes, well, that was an interesting experience all around, especially when you consider the fact that we were at the airport at 4:30 am!
(Yea, this is me when I saw how early we would have to be at the airport)
Smiley Emoticons
Irish Rose: It was.  But she wanted to go more than she wanted to sleep, so . . . .
 Sharpi:  This is me the morning of: Crazy Emoticons
 I mean, come on, there is NO REASON ON EARTH why someone should be up that early!
Apparently, judging by everyone else standing in line at the airport, my theory is either drastically flawed; or my genius has not been realized. I'm sticking with option two.
Animated Emoticons

Irish Rose: An early morning flight is one of the few instances where I wish I hadn't shied away from a caffiene adiction.  Coffee might have helped, right??
Sharpi: Security was no problem and we were soon parked in seats at our gate . . . and then I realized that my theory is actually correct. Of the people at our gate everyone, every single one of them, looked incredibly tired and only half awake. A couple even nodded of while we waited.  (I didn't, I spent some of that time grouching about the fact that I could have slept another hour. The other time was spent in a half awake sort of daze, trying to wake myself up with happy music:)

Irish Rose: The weather was really nice that morning, so our first flight was very relaxed.  Unfortunately, I'm not the sort of person who can sleep on a plane.  I could tell it was going to be a long day . . .yes, coffee definately would have helped.

Sharpi: By the time we reached our layover we were awake, and starving. Airport's are extremely busy, which means fun people watching oportunities, and some good food. We both chose a croissant. At first I didn't think there was going to be much to it, just a flaky pastry with some almonds sprinkled on top. . . and then I hit the gooey filling . . . and I got really possessive.
Irish Rose: We didn't have an opportunity to eat our yummy late breakfasts until we'd made a mad dash across the terminal and waited in line for a shuttle to take us to our departing gate.  But once we did, it was worth the wait.
Sharpi: You know that you have watched WAY too many end of the world/destruction to the earth type of movies when you board your second plane, which is way smaller than the first one you were on, and realize you are situated in the seat right next to the propeller, and immediately begin listing all the ways planes have been blown up/crashed/etc in movies you've seen.
 As you watch the rain spit against the window, then watch it begin to freeze in a thin sheet over the propeller casing, your mind has a tendency to run over all the things that could happen.
Such as;
  1. Oh no! The eye of the storm!!! The lines are going to freeze up and we're going to go plummeting to our deaths!!!!  . . . No worries about that though, because we'll all be frozen by the time the plane crashes.
  2. The plane is going to break apart, and in doing so the propeller is going to slide right off and come tearing through the side of the plane!
  3. Irish Rose: you forgot the one about the tail breaking off and stranding us on a desserted island.(Sharpi: I knew I was forgetting at least one!)
Sharpi:  Granted, I am probably the only person that was rather amused and entertained by the idea.
Which is exactly why I didn't say it out loud. I have a feeling I'd have gotten some odd looks from the people in front, beside, and perhaps behind us as well.

Irish Rose:  And right next to her.  Although I would probably laughed, too.  :)  Our second flight was blessedly non-eventful and we arrived at our final airport right on time.  Without the bother of having to collect luggage from the baggage claim we were able to sit and rest on a bench until our hosts arrived.  Which sounds weird, because after two long flights, what else had we been doing??  :)  Believe it or not, a solid bench is much more relaxing than a plane.
  A car ride out of town, lunch, and a short jaunt down the road later, and the real adventure began.  :)

Sharpi: Upon arrival at the adorable little house that Groom and Bride are going to be living in, we had enough time to drop our things in our personal space, before the family said they were going back to a little town they'd spent the morning in, and would we like to go.
There was no way in the world we were going to refuse that offer.
Colors were absolutely AMAZING! I couldn't stop talking about them!
Stopping at a monument we went exploring a little bit, wandering into the tiny shop for postcards to send home. 

These were sitting on the porch of the little shop.
Locally grown apples!
(Irish Rose: I was so excited when we figured out I could actually eat them without having an allergic reaction!!)

Irish Rose: Being able to wander around was a great way to stretch out after being cramped in planes and airports all day.  The fresh air was wonderful, the temperature wasn't too cold . . . 
We were invited to the grooms house for supper and included just as if we were family.  Then back to the "home away from home" house to settle in and go to bed.  And hope that the mouse who had been making itself at home on our mattress didn't decide to argue its dibs.  :)

To be continued . . . . . . . 

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