Thursday, May 9, 2013

Heads up!!!

(wait . . . what?  We're having a give-away??  Hmmm . . . obviously I haven't been around lately . . . that needs to change.  Anyway - ahem!  Back to our regularily schedule announcment.)

If you're on facebook - or if you're not and know someone who'd let you borrow their account, *cough* -  and just happen to be interested in healthy living and/or natural healing, you might want to head over to the Vintage Remedies facebook page and check out their really amazing schedule for this weekend.  They're offering free web seminars through Saturday.  Topics include:

Aromatherapy 101 (really great introduction to the safe use of essential oils)
The Botanical Medicine Chest
How to Read a Clinical Study
Fighting Fatigue (determining sources of fatigue and how to holistically treat them)
I listened to two today and they were fantastic!  To my knowledge you can still sign up for the remaining seminars - I realize that this weekend is probably already really busy, but these are well worth the time.  For those who are interested but can't possibly squeeze in one more thing the seminars are being recorded and will be offered for sale later.  If you're interested I can post details on that once they are available.

Hope you're enjoying spring as much as we are!
Irish Rose

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