Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Giveaway clues

Hmmmm . . . you know, when we decided to have a give-away we had no idea it would be so hard.  We thought, "Hey, this will be fun!  People like mysteries and they like prizes . . . maybe we'll make some new friends."  (Or at the very least coax some of the lurkers out of the shadows.  :)

It isn't easy.  Its downright hard and sometime frusterating.  Coming up with clues has proved problematic because when one knows the answer it seems like everything is a dead giveaway . . . like we're painting a giant red bulls-eye on the answer and there is no target to shoot for anymore.

So, we're going to mix things up a little.  Intead of posting pictures (because quite frankly, the materials we used for this project were in no shape or form traditional - and therefore might be adding to the confusion) we'e going to turn it into a word game.  Sort of.  Or maybe an association game . . .

Answer the followig question.  Please.  :) 

What do the following items have in common:



Psalm 44:6


Okay then - now you have no excuse for not entering the giveaway - or at least saying hi.  :)

Hope you're enjoying all sorts of summer adventures!
Irish Rose (on behalf of We Three.)


  1. Bow and Arrows:) Elizabeth Mitton
    PS I am having loads of summer adventures, some of my favorites include training a puppy(which can get amusing and quite difficult:), helping plant, weed, and water our family garden, and reading some really good {convicting} biographies.

  2. Alright, I will say "Hi".:) After looking up the verse and thinking a few seconds...I think that the thing those items all have in common is a bow and arrow....at least that's all I can think of at the moment:)
    I am definitely enjoying the lovely SUMMER we are having! (especially the wind...which kept away all the mosquitoes while we weeded...YAY:))