Saturday, October 22, 2011

Potato Salad

   Okay, here it is.   A few weeks ago I posted a picture and asked for people to guess the number of people the potato salad would feed.

   Drum roll please . . . . . . . . . . .
We made potato salad to feed 200 people!
   Yep, I think we maybe are crazy after all. . .

   We documented it very carefully so we could share it with you. . . . . . . . just in case you ever find yourself elbow deep in boiled potatoes, celery, eggs, and oodles of mustard and mayonnaise; bemoaning the state of your sanity and wondering what got into you.

   Hmm, apparently we only documented the second half of it . . . .
   To begin with we had to peel, chop, and cook our potatoes, boil our eggs, dice celery and onions, and mix up the dressing.

Here is the process of what was used and how we managed -
5 dozen eggs

The initial bowl of dressing all measured up.

Here it is, every single ingredient - notice the additional pan and bowl of potatoes in the background.
(Gah! My skin just itches thinking of all those potatoes we peeled!)

 Those three jars are full of potato salad dressing - bleck!

After we very carefully made sure everything got divided equally between all the bowls we glopped the dressing on top and mixed it all in.

And here it is - 5 huge bowls of potato salad.

Because our fridge happens to be in use at our house (imagine that) there was no way we were going to get it all in - so we trucked everything to our church to borrow the empty fridge there. 
Every single container pictured is full of the salad (excepting the bag of celery)

It was a whole lot of work - and I, personally, am so glad that there were three of us.

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