Thursday, October 20, 2011

Puppy #4

      My teacher was going to a hockey game in A Larger City, but the puppy's started to come after she left, so she called me and Mom drove me over.  Her son (one of them and the one who owns Beanie) was the only one home, so we just sat around Beanie to wait.
      First two puppies came not to far apart but then Beanie seemed to be having a bit of trouble with number three.  Finally though it came out, double sacked but with a hole in the first sack.  Then just a few minutes after it came this little guy.....with no sack!

I was about to bust into tear, I thought it was dead.  It wasn't moving and it didn't respond when I put my finger in it's mouth.  But thankfully there was a lady that my teacher knew with us and she stepped in and looked the puppy over and said "Oh, there is a little movement." (she came in between puppy two and three)
So we wrapped him in a cloth and I started to rub him and pray.  After that if was a bit of a juggling routine; put the puppy down and go help with a new one; pick the puppy back up then put it down again; and on and on and on. :)
Eight puppy's, EIGHT!  I thought she was only going to have six, nope not going to happen.
Finally I was able just to sit with the little guy.  We didn't put him back with his mom because he was still to weak.
So after a time formula was made, I fed him some and he ate pretty well.  When my teacher got back we decided still to leave him out of the liter and bottle feed him.
Earlier my teacher's son asked if I would take the puppy home and take care of it, I said that we would ask his mom.  If it was OK with her then I would ask my parents and we'd see.
So long story short puppy number 4 made if through the night and came home with me on Saturday.  He was going to need a whole lot of care and loving but I was hopeful.
It was just so amazing to see the transformation; first he's just too weak to move then he gets a stronger grip when I put my finger in his mouth.  Starts to make little noises, beginning to push with his little feet and holding his head up. :)
And here he is the day after his birth (he got a lot of "Oooo's" from us :)

Isn't he Sweet :)

He seemed to be doing fine but on Tuesday morning he just started to go down hill fast.  I guess God decided He needed one more puppy so He took the little guy home.


  1. What a cute puppy,I enjoyed seeing it at church.Too bad it died:( I know that it did not die because of lack of care.