Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Accessories: Scarves

   One of my very favorite accessories is not only very pretty, but also useful.  Today we will be exploring a few different ways to use a scarf.
   As it gets colder the light, thin scarves give way to those with the capabilities to not only look pretty, but to help keep you warm as well.
Look One
These scarves are my favorite, I use them mainly for tying back my hair or wrapped around my neck for some added flair.

For this look simply wrap around your neck, take one end as though you are going to tie it in a knot, instead of pulling it all the way through leave it looped. This look works really well with shorter scarves too.
Now, these are kind of thin, but, they are 100% silk and actually are pretty warm.

Look Two

This scarf is of a heavier weave than Scarf #1 and is, thus, warmer and more suited for the cold winter months, yet it is light enough that it isn't too bulky.
This is my personal favorite way to wear a scarf.
 Simply wrap around your neck and adjust tightness. I like to wear it tighter around my neck so it looks smoother, my sister likes to wear them looser:)
For another look take one side of your scarf and wrap around your neck again, leaving this loop to fall below your first one.  (I know that sounds kind of confusing, I had a picture but it came out blurry.)

Look Three

This scarf is heavier than both Scarf #1 and #2, therefore it might look bulkier, but it is extremely soft and warm. :)
Take your scarf and place around your neck as pictured below.

Pull the two ends through the loop.

 And there you have it!
 Adjust tightness according to what you like.
You can even add a twist to the looped end before pulling the ends through for something
a little bit different.
Look Four

If you are looking for a quick fix to cover your head and don't happen to have a hat nearby simply drape your scarf over your head and wrap the two ends back over your shoulders for a beautiful, elegant cape-like hood!

There you have it, not many I know, we haven't really gotten into exploring the different ways to tie scarves but hopefully it was interesting:)



  1. I love those scarves! They look so pretty and feminine. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth

  2. I'm already missing Winter fashion and this is making me even more resistant to the heat of a Queensland summer!

  3. Funny. . . . we're kind of missing Winter fashion too! This weather is SO weird! :D