Friday, October 12, 2012

No Siblings and SNOW!!!!!

There's a title for you, huh :)

This last Tuesday my sisters Irish Rose and Sharpi boarded a plane - at an unearthly hour I might add - and started their adventure.  While I, the ever loving sister, kissed them goodbye, and went back to sleep:)
This adventure of theirs was off to......shall we call it "The Wedding".
And to those of you who do not know, "The Wedding" was neither of theirs.  If it was I WOULD HAVE BEEN WITH THEM!  Trust me.

They flew to the Beautiful Country to be part of this wonderful event and I, along with Mommy and Daddy started home on our own adventure:)
Somewhere along the way we stopped for a much needed restroom break.

Okay, I should tell you that Daddy had been in the back trying to get a little nap in, but it wasn't working.  When Mommy and I had gotten back, the car alarm was going off because we'd locked him in and he'd tried to unlock the doors from the inside.  I've done that before so little tip: if you lock your vehicle with the remote, unlock it with the remote too.  Even if you're in the car waiting for someone- as I was that one time.  (Sheepish look)What can I say, live and learn(shrug).

So we get the car to be quiet again and get in while Daddy runs in for a second.  When he comes back he couldn't get his door open.  Doesn't really sound like a problem does it.  Oh man but it was, the stink'in thing wouldn't unlock for nothin'!  Tried unlocking it with the remote, tried pushing the little lock nob open, tried pushing in closed, tried just opening the door from the inside(which in normal circumstances would have unlocked the door) but nope, not this time.  We could get in through all the other doors but that one seemed to have a mind of its own and wouldn't budge for anything.  So Daddy manuvered his way into the drivers seat by using some climbing-over-maneuvers and we were on the road again.
We stopped at Applebee's for a light lunch and Mommy brought the car manual plus iPad with her to see if there was anything we could do to get that door open.  'Cause I will tell you right here and now it can bug the-mmmmm-out of you not being able to get something to work and being afraid nothing you do WILL get it to work.
Searched, looked and finally found it.
It had something to do with the theft safety thingy.  All Daddy had to do was go out, there hit the panic button, then press it again to get the alarm to turn off and the door opened just fine.  Like there was nothing wrong in the first place.
I tell you, I think we enjoyed that meal better with all that behind us than we would have if that hadn't worked:)

I tell ya the joy of being able to sleep in your own bed after being away never gets that a really silly thing for me to say, of course it wouldn't get old, why would it!  Sorry:)
It's amazing isn't it that when you're the only one upstairs all the little noises a house makes at night seems to magnify.  It gets kind of creepy to tell the truth.

Next day we were told from our two adventurers that they visited a battle field memorial and that out there was absolutely beautiful and that one of them-I will not name names- wants to move there.

Back at the home front Mommy finished the tomato's and we picked the beets.
Then it snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Absolutely beautiful and gorgeous:)
Snowed for two days and then now it's almost all gone and looks like spring.  But I really loved to see the snow and I just get excited, it makes me think of Christmas and I just love it:)
I guess this mean's I'll be able to get 'White Christmas' soon, I love that movie:)


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