Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where We Disappeared To -

So, we disappeared again, though I'm sure you probably already figured that out:)
Anyway, Irish Rose and I (Sharpi) went off on a week and a half adventure. I won't do a long, epic post at the moment, but I will post a couple pictures to give you a sneak peak at where we went:)
Be prepared for fall colors and lots and lots of crooning about how much I loved the trees, colors, and water when I do get around to the epic post!

Any guesses? :)


  1. Vermont???:):)Glad that you are back safe and sound. Hope that you had lots of fun, and took lots of pictures!!
    Elizabeth M.

  2. Wow! Those are some lovely pictures, I can't wait to hear about your trip. Miriam

  3. Beautiful upstate New York, where Arthur wants to take me someday. Gorgeous folige and I love the bridge!(At least I thought that's where you were going :)

  4. Well, I would put in my "guess"...but it wouldn't really be a guess because I already know:)
    I'm glad you girls got back safe and sound:)
    (Even though I'm guessing you could have stayed WAY longer...right??? :)
    It looks like you captured some lovely pictures! Can't wait to see more:)
    Rachel M.

  5. New York! But I maybe had help with that. :)

  6. You are all correct! :) We went to New York but were so close to Vermont we spent a lot of time there as well:)