Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Grand Fall Adventure - Part 3

I realized this morning that if I were to insert as many pictures from our trip as I could .  .  .  . this was going to be a really long series of posts. So I may just fast-forward through things so you don't have to endure the photographic results of a week and a half.
We'll start off with some pictures of the cemetery that was up the hill from the church. In the middle of cake baking, mixing up frosting, and decorating, a few of us decided to take a walk up to the cemetery.
And while taking a walk through a cemetery may seem a little odd to some of you, it isn't as creepy as it might sound, very nice and peaceful actually.

 See, that's not so bad, right? A pleasant scene overlooking a peaceful cemetery. Notice the elegantly tinted fall leaves offering shade.

 When I die I want to be buried by trees, it is so charming and pretty looking . . . okay, that is starting to sound a little bit weirder. . . 

 See? We've managed to retain a peaceful setting, nothing creepy or threatening. (Of course, if it had been rainy and foggy and dark, I would have totally posted those pictures. . . because I'm fascinating that way:)

The peaceful atmosphere dissolved somewhat when we discovered an innocent looking little hole. Upon further investigation we came to the quick conclusion that it was a hornets nest. 
The increasing numbers of buzzing, striped hornets that kept coming out of the hole might have been a bit of a clue . . .


  1. I enjoy cemetarys. It's like a walk through history, or something like that!

    1. They are really nice to walk through, it was really interesting comparing dates and how far back they went and the interesting names.