Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Business Speak and Pencil Smudges

 Never in my life did I expect to be taking a business class. . . . . you see, I'm the type of person that is likely to get an idea, do a little research, and then jump right on in up to my eyeballs without coming up with a thorough, concise plan. Which is maybe why I've never attempted to start an actual business. . . .
My inner person/voice/alter ego/what-have-you is of the 'Plan? Why ever would you need a plan?' sort of opinion, which I promptly tried to ignore and reason that it would be good for me.
This all came about when I enrolled in a new course last month. One that came with an extra set of assignments to form a solid Business Plan and everything that goes with it.
*First Thought: Business planning? Hmm, sure, why not? It might come in handy.
**Second Thought: Well, I don't really need to do it, it is optional. . . . 
***Third Thought: Really ought to do this. Who knows, it might be needed after all, and the feedback would be good. . . .

*This was before even looking at the business sections
**After reading through the first business assignment and getting thoroughly confused.
***After reconsidering and slogging halfway through the assignment.

I had actually decided to forget about it entirely, simply send in my completed assignments and forgo the business section. . . . and then I found myself toting around a notebook and a sharpie, jotting down notes and phrases, attempting to pull together a reasonable sounding Executive Summary.
It was only 500 words, after all, how hard could it be?
.     .     .     .     .
Turns out, it can be kind of difficult. . . at least, it was for me. My artist brain (read; disorganized and loosely wired) goes into panic attacks and refuses to work properly when confronted with the idea of neatly organized, structured items all lined up in orderly columns, making complete sense (the entire way through!) and coming to a definite, reasonable point.
Not entirely sure if it was stubbornness or determination that set me down with a notebook and my computer (and finally a quick trip to Google to take a look at examples). But the end result was a fairly orderly Summary that was at least understandable and outlined the points that I thought were important. 
We'll see how accurate it really was when my grades are assigned.

When business terms and theoretical musings become too much, there is always room to distract one's self with dragons:)

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