Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Summer Project Intro

     Snow is melting, sunshine is beginning to feel warm again, geese have returned, and little green spikes are peeking through the dirt in many gardens!
It's time to begin planning for summer projects.
And if you happen to be us (or, you know, not us but like us:), have been planning for months already, and just can't wait anymore? Then your summer projects might just get started before summer even gets here!
Ours did.
Today, in fact.
Here is the main ingredient . . . item. . . .part? . . .whatever - this is the main bit of our project.
Once it has gone through all the tweaking, smashing, melting, flattening, and various other small things here and there, it is going to look completely different.
They are going to be so COOL!
But we're not going to tell you what they are.
Yet, that is. I promise we'll tell you later on, but right now we're having so much fun we're going to keep it a secret.
Updates will follow as progress is made, accompanied with pictures . . . which I may or may not make incredibly vague and abstract just to keep you all guessing!

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