Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Grand Fall Adventure - Part 2

This is the view from our room at the Cute Little House. 
First morning there and the clouds were hanging so low they covered the top of the mountain that is beyond the trees. (Which is why you can't see much, if you look really, really close there is a tiny little spot about the middle of the picture that is the mountain:)
Accompanied H. family back into Vermont for some site seeing. 
This is a photo of a pottery factory, you could actually go in and see how some of the pieces are made. It was so neat! There were crates and crates of unfinished pottery sitting everywhere!
 In front of the factory part of the Pottery Factory was a large group of odd looking stone objects.
Carefully creeping in between them Irish Rose and I discovered that it was a circle of huge, old kilns that were probably used to fire the pottery years and years ago.
Then we drove into adorable Down Town and parked, everyone spilling out of the van and heading every which way to explore.
Irish Rose and I wandered all over. Our first stop was heading toward what turned out to be an Episcopal Church.

 This building is absolutely beautiful! It had a covered walkway complete with arches that connected the sanctuary to what we assumed was a house for whoever tended there. 
We wanted to go in so badly, just to see what the inside looked like, but it was closed. Oh well, maybe we'll have to go back someday!
I couldn't get over the brickwork or the slate tiling everywhere. It all looked so old and elegant!

In our wanderings we found a tiny little quilt shop where we added to our 'Travel Stash' by each buying a fat quarter of fabric.  Also down that way was a huge, red brick building with white columns and gorgeous windows. 
It turned out to be a library. *Sigh!* It was huge and spacious inside, books lining the walls and comfortable nooks with chairs and couches so a person could settle right in and read. 

Our most . . . . . . interesting, shall we say, find happened when we were walking down the street and caught sight of a sign that advertised and open art gallery and to feel free and come inside.
So, being adventurous, we went inside.

Now. . . when I think Art Gallery I picture some serene, elegant setting. Soft lighting so it doesn't detract from the art, perhaps some quiet music to enhance the experience, elegant frames, hushed atmosphere . . . . 
What we didn't expect, as we trailed quietly up the steps, was the fact that the further we got the more we realized that this was not only a gallery of Modern Art (extremely weird modern art I might add), but that it was spread throughout the entire space of someone's home. . . . . 
The woman welcomed us in and told us to wander about as we liked, flipping lights on for us and turning a stereo on for music. But the more rooms we walked into the weirder we felt. 
Not only were the paintings odd, and some of them downright creepy, we just couldn't get over the fact that we were traipsing through someone's home. 
Needless to say we retreated as soon as possible, trying not to seem rude in our haste to leave.
As we exited the doorway, back into the open air and the calmness of outdoors we looked at each other, giggled, and said that was the weirdest thing we had ever done!

The day just continued to bring forth surprises. Piling into the van in preparation to head back to Cute Little House for some lunch, we were told that a couple of them had been in a bakery and had asked the owner some questions about butter cream.
The long and short of it: The owner was incredibly generous and friendly and actually ended up offering a private class so she could teach us how to make an amazing Italian Buttercream icing! (Something we were going to need for the wedding cake.)
Just, think about that for a moment; God works in such amazing ways, and they aren't always big, flashy things either, they can be as simple as a stranger offering their assistance.
This professional baker, that owned her own shop, was going to open up her kitchen to complete strangers, and teach them how to make frosting! She was an incredibly nice person, telling us that she loves to teach people things and takes interns all the time to help them learn about the baking profession. 
We spent a couple hours tucked in the back of this bakery, listening and helping mix up batches of Italian Buttercream!

  Returning 'home' after a full day of new adventures we settled in to make goodnight calls to the Family . . . . which at one point we ended up having a rather interesting discussion about the time change and things like that . . . . yea, we won't mention that any further. :)

                                                                                 (To be continued . . . . . )

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